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Men are one of the two human specie on earth. They are often characterized by their masculinity and bold appearance. Asides the biblical fact that men were created before women, here are 10 other facts you should know about.

Men spend at least a year of their life staring at women
On an average day, a man spends about 43 minutes to stare at 10 different women. On the other hand, women only stare at men for an average of 20 minutes in a day.

This statistic was as a result of a comprehensive resea ch carried out by employees of Kodak Lens Vision Centers. About 3,000 persons participated in the study.

Men lie twice as much as women
On an average, men lie to their partner, boss and colleague at least 6 times a day. On the other hand, women only lie to people around them at most 3 times a day.

IQ dictates the lifestyle of a man

According to a research by scientists from Karolinska Institute, the IQ of a man dictates his way of life. The research focused on alcohol abused by men.

In the end, the statistics of the research showed that men with lower IQ drink too much while men with higher IQ drink less.

The older a man is, the better the chances that he’ll prefer loose clothings
Most often, the cloth we wear affects the way we feel.

This is also true about the way people on our surrounding pereceive us. This is the more reason why men feel more confident in suit at business meetings. As men age, theirý preference in cloth changes.

A young man might prefer to wear tight uncomfortable clothings while an older man will prefer to wear comfortable clothes as against fashionable ones.



Men are one of the two human specie on earth.

Men eat twice as much when on a date
This is a strange fact that many might not have expected on this list. Regardless, when men are on a date with women, they tend to eat more in order to impress their date.

Men make friends based on common interests
According to a research by Ronald E Riggio based on friendship among men and women, men mostly make friends based on common interest while women make friends based on emotions and support.

Men prefer compliments from other men
Regardless of the sexual orientation of a man, research has shown that men generally prefer compliments from other men as against compliments from women.

This fact was proved by Robert Herbert of Binghamton University.
When men try to attract the attention of a girl, they keep their thumbs on their belt
To most men, placing their thumb on their belt is a way to show that they are strong and courageous. This pose is often involuntary and it dates back to ages when there was no belt. In the era of no belt, men trying to get the attention of women often gesture to their crotch.
Other facts about men includes;

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