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Conversion Of State Toll Booth into Public Urinals Is A Suicidal Mission in Disguise: Halt That Decision Now

Open Letter To:

Chief of Staff.

Minister For Roads And Highways.


Minister For Health.

The Young mental health Nurse, Bismark Kpobi, have sighted a comment made by the Hon. Minister for Roads and Highways in circulations where he stated that all TOLLBOOTHs across the country will soon be converted into Public Urinals.

However, He must say on authority that that is retrogressive decision and it will be suicidal and homicidal if not halted now.

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Below are some questions we should be asking the minister ;

1. Will the urinal be used by cars plying the roads ? If yes, do we have spacious areas where all hundreds of cars passing by can stop ,park and the drivers and passengers use the Urinals? Per my assessment across the country, we don’t have such spacious areas where many cars can park for passengers to line up there to ease themselves.

2. Will the place be used by those passing by on foot, those living by the TOLLBOOTHs,or for the general public? If yes, will the running cars passing stop for people to cross the road to use the Urinals since Weija , Motorway TOLLBOOTHs have many in the middle of the roads?

Per the above questions, it is clear the intentions and decision of the Hon Minister, Kwasi Amoako- Attah, will be dangerous and disastrous and hence should not be tolerated and given the necessary consideration. If we want to provide public Urinals and toilets for the passengers and drivers, then we have many places along the roads that can be utilised other than setting death traps for innocent souls who will be trooping to the roads to ease themselves.

Also, that decision will cause huge traffics the abolishment of the TOLLBOOTHs previously sorted to prevent.Having expatiate my points,

He calls on all discerning citizens and media to add their voices before inevitable accidents start visiting the country.

Thank you for reading this article.

Bismark Kwabla

Concerned Citizen

0209001524 WhatsApp 0540824809 calls

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